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Pixurvival is a super sandbox in a pixelized world.

There is two very different, separated aspects:

  • Play the game, solo, or with friends, with the included "Vanilla" content or with other player creations. In various game modes such as cooperative survival, team battle, in a procedurally generated map.
  • Create your own Content Pack, thanks to the intuitive (but ugly) editor, and share your own universe, playable with your own game mode.

With the editor, you can import your own tiny images, and set almost everything: items, crafts, spells, map elements, creatures, including their AIs, without any IT skills.

The game is focused on multiplayer (but of course, also playable in solo), farming, surviving, combat mechanics, and more things in the future (RPG, factory...). It is already ready for "survival" game modes, beat 'em up, battle royale-like and more!

The included "Vanilla" content, was made with the content editor, it has for main role to showcase what it is possible to do, and makes the game playable "as is", with game modes including cooperative survival and battle royale.

How to play

  • The game requires the Java client (version 8 or later), if you don't have it, you can download it here.
  • Unzip the archive somewhere, and run pixurvival.jar, that's it!

Refer to the devlog page Controls and commands to know controls and optionally the available commands. TL;DR: move with W A S D, left click for base ability and right click to interact with map elements, some control keys are shown in the in-game UI as a reminder, in yellow.

Note: the game mode "cooperative survival" is also made to be played in solo, I'll change it's name in the next update.

How to run a server

  • First, you will probably have to setup port forwarding (unless for LAN), the procedure may vary depending on your router. The server requires TCP and UDP port 7777, this port number can be changed (see below).
  • Open a command prompt, and set the current directory to the installation directory (fast way for Windows: Shift key + Right click inside the installation folder -> then choose "Open command window here")
  • In the command prompt, run the following command: java -jar server.jar
  • If you want another port number than the default 7777, for example 8888, then run instead: java -jar server.jar port=8888
  • You can now connect to the server in the multiplayer menu of the game, using the IP address of the machine and the port.
  • If you have custom content pack in the contentPacks folder of the server and start a game with it, players who don't have it will download it automatically.

How to create your own content

If you have creativity to express, you can create your own content with the editor. The editor is intended to be intuitive, but there is too much to say to for this page, refer to the tutorial Getting started with the ContentPack editor. An exhaustive wiki is planned for the future.

DISCLAIMER : Development in progress

The game is in active development phase. There is still important features missing, such as an in-game pause menu. There is known and probably unknown bugs. I'm working on this project alone, during my free time, and this takes a lot of it, I'm on it for about... 4 years! I publish it prematurely in order to have feedback and suggestions. During the beginning of this early development phase, you can claim it for free, meaning that you will own the game forever! But feel free to support the project by putting the price you want, giving feedbacks, and bringing your friends! I hope you'll like it :)

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Buy Now$5.00 USD or more

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This game is fun to play and the control scheme isn't crazy like some other games making it a fun experience.But i have been having problems where it won't boot the application when using openJDK.

(1 edit)

Thanks for your comment and your report! I have an idea of what's going wrong with a third party lib.

It requires Oracle Java right? just want to get it working on my Ubuntu computer.

(1 edit)

Yep, version 8 or later, sorry about that ^^'

Edit: I tried to run the game with the Open JDK 13 and it worked, which version of the jdk did you used?

(4 edits)

I used OJDK 8 9 11

Edit Just tried to use 14 as well so it only works with 13?

Edit 2: I also tried 13 right now so it might be a problem with my computer

Link to error meesage: https://shrib.com/?v=nc#DownyWoodpecker5G9Q2eV

Yes it seems to be a problem with your computer, the error message "Inconsistency detected by ld.so" have something to deal with a corrupted library file in your installation 😮

(3 edits)

Great little game. It reminds me a lot of Minicraft, (the 2D Minecraft styled game Notch made during a game jam in 2011). It's a simple little top down game where you try to survive as long as you can.

It's quick to pick up and play in contrast to Minecraft and other games like it that require a larger time investment. It feels reminiscent of a retro arcade game, the only goal is to survive as long as you can. Your "score" is your total survival time. It might evolve from this as time goes on but for now if you want a simple, pick up and play experience in a randomly generated world ala Minecraft, you'll enjoy this game.

It even comes with mod tools out of the box to make your own mods. I made my own custom player sprite in a matter of minutes with the mod tools bundled with the game, but you can tweak just about every aspect of the game with them. These tools are a great addition and definitely add a lot replayability to the game.

Custom Sprite
Custom Sprite

The game also runs great on low end PCs. I have a really low end machine, an HP Stream 14, and it runs on it without any performance issues at all. I've also experienced no crashes or bugs yet, even in this early build of the game. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a survival sandbox game without the huge time investment. It makes a great alternative to any games like it you currently play due to the pick up and play nature.

(1 edit)

Big thanks! That's motivating! Lugia looks great!

Yes I've focused on performance since the beginning of the project, in fact I also use, sometimes, a very low end laptop to develop the game, and yeah I'm always surprised to see how lite is the game! The fact that I made my own custom engine is probably the main explanation.