Controls and commands


Below, the list of controls for QWERTY keyboards. Note that the game is compatible with AZERTY keyboards (automatically chosen).

In-world controls

  • W, A, S, D: Move to the 8 possible directions.
  • Left click: Use the base ability of the weapon, or drop the item held on the cursor, if any.
  • Right click: Interact with a structure (harvest a tree, deconstruct a structure...), or use the item held on the cursor (eat food, place a structure...).
  • Space: Use the special ability of the weapon, if any.
  • Q: Use the ability of the first accessory, if any.
  • E: Use the ability of the second accessory, if any.
  • 1, 2, ..., 9, 0: Shortcuts for the 10 first slots of the inventory, to use or equip the item.

Inventory controls

  • Left click: Take all the quantity of the item from a slot, or place all the held quantity to a slot.
  • Right click: Take half of the quantity from a slot, or place 1 quantity to a slot.

Chat controls

On the bottom-left corner of the in-game UI, a chat box allow you to send messages or execute commands (see next chapter to see list of commands).

  • ENTER: Send / execute the typed message / command.
  • UP / DOWN arrows: Navigate over the history of sent messages / commands.
  • TAB: Autocomplete the current command argument, depends on the current argument type, for example, if an item is intended and you started to type "wo" and then press TAB, it will be completed with "wood"

Debugging / utility controls

  • F1: Switch draw debug mode (collision boxes, chunks borders)
  • F2: Switch display infos overlay (FPS, ping, position...)
  • F11: Switch fullscreen mode
  • F5: Force refresh data in multiplayer game, to solve eventual bug


Cheat commands can be executed using the chat box. You need to be operator of the party to execute commands, in solo game, you automatically are operator. In multiplayer game, you need to tip in the server console: /op player_name, where player_name is the name of the player, if the player's name has space, it must be surrounded with quotes " ".

List of commands

Below the list of all actual commands, the arguments syntax are described in the next section. arguments between [ ] are mandatory and arguments between ( ) are optional.

  • /op [player]: Make the player operator, which allow him to execute commands. (synonyms : operator)
  • /tp [players] [position]: Teleport the player(s) to the specified position. (synonyms : teleport)
  • /give [items] (players): Give the item or the list of items to the player(s). The default player is the executor of the command.
  • /heal [players] (amount) : Heal the health points of the player(s) by the given amount. Default amount : enough!
  • /spawn [creature] (position) (owned?) : Spawn the creature to the given position (default position: your position), if owned? is set to "true", the creature is owned by you as a minion, false by default.

Arguments syntax

if any argument has space, surround it with quotes " ".

  • [player] : Name of the player.
  • [players]: One of:
    • Name of the player
    • @me to reference yourself
    • @closest to reference the closest player from you
    • @all or @everyone to reference all the payers of the party
  • [position]: One of:
    • Coordinates, in the syntax x;y (no space character)
    • Name of a player, to reference his position
    • @cursor or @target: position of your mouse cursor in the world
    • @me: your position
    • @closest: position of the closest player from you
  • [items]: Item or list of item, using their technical names (as it was named in the editor), a quantity can be specified. Syntax: item1:quantity1,item2:quantity2, etc... . The quantity is optional and is 1 by default. Specifying quantity or not can be mixed, example: wood_sword,leather_armor,apple:10.
  • [creature]: Creature, using her technical name.


  • /tp @everyone Bob: All players will be teleported to Bob's position.
  • /give apple:10 @closest: Give 10 apples the closest player from you.
  • /spawn fire_dragon @cursor: Spawn a wild fire_dragon at your mouse position.

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