[Changelogs] 0.0.3 - Break the walls!

 Update 0.0.3 - Break the walls!

This update adds a new major feature : making possible to destroy / deconstruct buildings! A new structure has been added on the Vanilla content using this new feature: The stone wall! Finally, the stone item is not useless anymore.

The concept of alteration and target is more clear in the editor, by removing redundant features in the Effect element and listing the relevant targets only.

New feature : destructible structures

  • New structure type : destructible structure, it has a health pool and is destroyed if it has no more health. It takes damage from "Instant damage" alterations on enemy targets of Effects.
  • Structures can now be deconstructed. In the editor, setting the new "deconstruction duration" property greater than zero will make it deconstructible, the animation of a player deconstructing something is similar to harvesting. When deconstructed, if the structure has an associated item, it will drop one.

ContentPack Editor

  • In Effect elements, The tab "Following elements on death" has been removed, because the tab "Alterations to origin on death" is more generic, and this tab has been renamed to "Alterations on death" because it can be applied to the origin or to self (the effect itself)
  • On alterations, the field "Target" has been renamed to "Apply to" for a better understand of it, and this property now shows only the relevant choices between target, self, and origin, so for abilitie's alterations, this property is hidden.
  • The elements that has alterations are now a lot faster to load and being modified.


New Structure : The stone wall, It is a 1x1 solid structure made with a stone. It is destructible (200 health points) and deconstructible.


  • Fixed a major bug which cut sometimes the connection between the player and the server when many sounds are played in a short time interval.
  • Fixed a problem with the keyboard layout detection. To know if the keyboard is QWERTY or AZERTY, i used the locale language, the result was for example a french language machine with a QWERTY keyboard is considered by the game to be AZERTY. The detection is now more likely to take the good one.


  • The documentation is not downloadable PDF anymore, they are now devlog pages.
  • Smalls changes at the Controls and Commands doc, added the forgotten TAB key for chat, which is auto-completion key for command's arguments.
  • In the Getting started with the ContentPack editor tutorial, I changed the critical description of Alterations, using an image for illustration.

What's next?

For the next update, I plan to finally make the in-game pause menu, and adding game saving to stop and play a game. I'll try to keep one update every 1 or 2 weeks.

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