[Changelogs] 0.0.2 - The safe area

 Update 0.0.2 - The safe area

New feature: Map limits

Added a full implementation of the safe area, called "Map limits". This area is a square, you take damage outside of it. In the editor, the magic occurs in the new tab "Map limits" of the Game Mode element type. In this tab, you can edit a list of "anchors" based on time, to setup shrinking and grow damage over time.

There is two possible modes of shrinking: 

  • Random shrinking, the area will shrink to a random area inside the bigger (previous) area.
  • Normal shrinking, the area will always shrink to its center.

Vanilla content pack changes

  • "Team survival" Game mode:
    • Uses the new map limits system, making it a fully playable "last team standing" game mode.
    • Now uses the remaining team end condition set to 1, so the game will end when one team is remaining.
  • The game mode "Cooperative survival" has been renamed to "Cooperative / solo survival" for clarity.
  • In the English translation, the wood item is now correctly named "Wood", and not "Bois" which is the French name.


  • The "ContentPack editor" button of the main menu has been removed, because it is more stable and clearer to run it from its dedicated executable.
  • Enhanced the end of game behavior:
    • The server setup a new lobby and bring to it all players, no more need to restart the server & the game between each party!
    • In solo, pressing OK to the end of game popup bring back to the main menu.
  • The solo lobby now check if the selected game mode is playable in solo, and shows an error if not.


  • Fixed a  major bug which makes the game crash in multiplayer when a  far player send a chat message.


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Jan 11, 2020

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